The Maison


LUGO is actively working to change the practices of the fashion industry in the luxury sector.

A real thought has been engaged on the most appropriate, authentic and respectful way to manufacture luxury products today.
Each decision taken is a testimony of our commitment to building an ethical and modern fashion :

Quality and exclusivity

LUGO is committed to creating objects that cross time. That is why we rigorously select the materials used for our bags and accessories.

Thanks to the meticulous experience and know-how of the craftsmen who shape us and the authenticity of our concept, we offer aesthetic products of irreproachable quality, sold as works of art.

Origin of raw materials

Transparency on the origin of our raw materials is one of the values shared by our company.

All our suppliers are located in metropolitan France or Italy and certify the ethical compliance of their materials.

Place of production

Our Maison is 100% French. We design and manufacture our products in one of the fashion capitals, in Paris in France, where our head office is located.


Being eco-responsible means remaining attentive to the environmental footprint that man can have on fauna, flora and the planet as a whole.

This is why LUGO is committed to using leathers that respect European standards of quality and respect for the environment and to innovating in the choice of its materials.